Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy Hike and Swim Combo - Alder Lake!!

If you're looking for a great easy day hike that can include a swim - try this great lake loop trail (we'll be posting one at Little Pond next). It traces a loop around a 44 acre man-made lake that was part of the Coykendall Estate. Sign in at the trainhead, then walk to the lake. Cross the dam and follow the old road/rail around the lake. Loop is about 1.6 miles with a slight rise on one side.

Other details: Campsites dot the perimeter of the lake. Nonmotorized boats are allowed on the lake. There are picnic tables to relax by. Well behaved dogs are permitted as well.

Make it a longer hike: When you reach the lake we like to start to the left following the red discs from the Finger Lake Trails (this route connects to the Mill Brook Ridge and yellow discs - a more difficult and steep hike). You can also connect to Touch-Me-Not Trail here which takes you west over the mountains to Big Pond.

Directions to: Alder Lake Loop Trail. From Rt. 28 in Margaretville (on the west side of town) cut over to and then left on Mill Brook Road. At the fork veer right onto Cross Mtn Road. Go left on to Turnwood Road / County Route 54. Turn left to Alder Lake Road. Park at the lot near the gate. Trail register is just beyond.


  1. This is a sweet hike to do as a quick one with a swim or a long one if you are energetic. We would go with our dog and then we'd all go swimming! wonderful hike!

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